How to be happy no matter what,

because no matter what happens all the time.


Are you sad, lonely, feeling depressed?  Angry, jealous, feeling quite made? Wanting something you already had, but now it is gone and you are desiring to be some place you are not and simply think where you are now is too hot?  Or maybe too cold, or rainy or not, whatever it is, it is a feeling that you are in knots.  Are horrible thoughts just repeating themselves, over and over like  a worn out record with a scratchy sound?  If so then it is time to practice being happy.

Really? Practice happiness! How absurd, your thing that      thinks just now said out loud!  How do you practice               happiness? What is happiness?

Have you been unhappy for years, perhaps starting in childhood, could it be that long ago?  Probably so! Has no one ever told you that you do not have to suffer?  NOT now. Not ever. You do not have to suffer! Not at all.

How can that be? Well, Grandmommy is here to share with you some remedies. A few tools in a card box with instructions to practice a lot. Practice making happiness.

Grandmommy has made many photographs and written many thoughts, combined them together and put in a box to reveal that you are, right now, living in bliss. Each night before bed a card can be placed on a pillow then parent and child can have some quiet time sharing these happy thoughts!  You will discover that happiness is like a beautiful cake and you get to eat it and not gain an ounce of weight.

The photographs, sometimes funny, sometimes serious, some sad, yet the images and words will delight both child and adult alike.  The messages on the cards, paced on a pillow each night, will enlighten the mind of a child like a candle in the dark. Of course, to Grandmommy, the parents are children too, we grow up and grow old, all of us do, but when we get mad, an adult acts just as much like a kid or a toddler of two.

When you begin to practice with the tools in Grandmommy’s special card box, then not only will you and your child become happy, you will want everyone to be happy.  Everyone.   That is the kiss of bliss.  When practicing with these tools your child and yourself will begin to see through the eye of wisdom.  That wisdom is a feeling of oneness with one another. A garden of happiness will begin to grow in their heart and as you continue to use Grandmommy’s tools to plant the seeds and produce sweet fragrant flowers and fruits of loving kindness, your child will soon begin to make happiness bouquets and baskets of yummy sweet fruit to share with the family.

Your child will plant sees of happiness in the hearts of others and everyone’s garden will grow and grow.  Yes, from Grandmommy’s Kiss of Bliss your child will BE happiness.  Now is the time.  Now let’s begin.


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