On Compassion

Card of the Day


Oh no! The poor little mouse must not have seen Spvy, the cat, in time to run away. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dearie me.

I don’t believe Spvy had any thought of making this little sentient being his lunch, I’m pretty sure he was just having fun and scared the poor little fellow, then it fell over in a fright.

I realize these little creatures, like mice, spiders and other little critters are not wanted inside of our houses, but they don’t know that. So they get themselves in terrible situations.

It looked like Spvy was not too happy when the little creature didn’t get up any more, so I have to think that Spvy felt a bit confused at what had happened, so Grandmommy understands that even though Spvy is an animal and so is the  mouse, they both have feelings, like you and me, but what makes us different is that Spvy and Mouse cannot take a picture.  If they could, Grandmommy believes they would practice the tool of non harming one another and just go about life laughing at how funny the pictures came out.

Grandmommy is asking real sweet and with a pretty please too, don’t harm any critters, they are sentients beings, with feelings too. Just do your best to send them outside and on their way, just try to see if that is at all possible.

It is the compassionate tool that you use.


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